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How much doDallas-Fort Worth shoppers like buying groceries online? Just ask Wal-Mart | Retail | Dallas News

Wal-Mart divided a supercenter into eight areas, and the professional shoppers are dispatched with a specially designed cart to accommodate shopping multiple orders at once. Sergio Rivera, the Dallas store's e-commerce manager said the staff received three weeks of training that included filling all the orders one day at a store in Rowlett and Garland. "When the other stores let us run it, we gained a lot of experience." If a size or brand isn't available, employees will pick the larger size or a higher quality at no additional cost, Rivera said. "We also tell the customer about the substitution, and if they don't want it, we can remove it from the receipt." The service is free and orders placed by 10 a.m. can be picked up the same day. Wal-Mart and Amazon are both building their online grocery business. Amazon last month opened two grocery pickup stores in Seattle. In other cities, it's partnered with local supermarkets. Sprouts Farmers Market is Amazon's Dallas grocery source.

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In comparison, Desmond said General Motors ' Shop-Click-Drive program is an example of where other manufacturers are with online purchases. Consumers can shop dealer inventories online, pick a car, and check prices and financing options online, but they have to go to a dealer to complete the transaction and get an actual trade-in value. GM launched Shop-Click-Drive in late 2013. A spokesman said about 72 percent of GM's 4,300 dealers participate and the "new- and used-vehicle leads generated by the program approached the half-million mark in 2016." He said he couldn't be more specific. During that time, though, GM sold more than 9 million vehicles in the U.S., so it accounts for only a small portion of its total sales, indicating that a vast majority of consumers still do all of their vehicle purchases the old-fashioned way — by going straight to a dealership. But with consumers making so many other retail purchases digitally, Desmond said that will prod the auto industry to change its approach in the near future so that most or all of a vehicle purchase can be completed online. He believes that will happen through a partnership of manufacturers working with dealers — not the direct sales approach used by Tesla. Tesla skirts the laws against competing with franchise dealers because it has none (the company owns all Tesla stores). Desmond said other manufacturers don't want to start wars with their dealers by trying to sell directly to consumers, but he says the current system needs to become more digitally oriented and seamless when manufacturers hand off customers to dealers. "I don't believe there needs to be a replacement for dealers, but there could be more choices in addition to dealers or different types of experiences with dealers," he said.

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